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Over time several people have contacted me asking how to make a one time pledge of appreciation for the efforts I make to create the films so I have now set up these pledge amount options for just that reason.  All earnings made through pledges go directly to the productions for future films.

A $5.00 pledge is greatly appreciated, $10.00 is amazing and for anyone that makes the generous pledge of $20.00 or more I will mail you an official LIFE IS LIKE SAILING sticker!  The stickers are approximately 4"x4", high quality and can be placed either indoors or outdoors.  




Now you can Support

my productions on patreon

Well, after several years of making videos

my filming and editing equipment is starting

to get tired.  If you would like to help me

upgrade and replace the equipment so I

can continue to make high quality

productions then please check out my

Patreon Pledge Page.  If you feel that

giving a little back for all the hard work that

goes into these productions you will see

that there are several pledge options which

offer different rewards! Your support

of course would be greatly appreciated!  

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I always enjoy hearing from other people who share the same passion for sailing as I do so if you want to say a personal hello I'd love to hear from you.  

I receive a very large number of emails from people asking for technical advice and if you are looking for more specific advice regarding anything from my liveaborad lifestyle to sailboat upgrades to cruising Canada's West Coast we can arrange a 30-60 minute consult phone call or Skype call for a $50.00 CAD fee.