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Youtube is the primary location that you


episodes.  I have been uploading content 

on a regular basis since I moved aboard

my sailboat in early 2014.  You can find 

content that covers everything from cruising

to liveaboard lifestyle to maintenance to 

road trips there!  I pretty much document 

everything that we do as we continue to 

explore this incredible part of the world.

More recently you can find North of 60 

content that we have been uploading as 

we explore Canada's high northern 

latitudes, but don't worry we are still getting

onto the coast and doing as much sailing as

possible too!

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There is always a delay in getting video content uploaded due to the amount of time it takes for post production editing.  If you want more real time updates then you can follow us as we share our experiences on the water and beyond through the LIFE IS LIKE SAILING Facebook Page.  This is the best way to get the most current information on where we are at and with what we are doing.  

This is also the place that you will find the other way that we document our adventures by getting to view the photos we take as we explore.  

Feel free to comment and send messages via the Facebook Page!

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We always enjoy hearing from other people who share the same passion for sailing as we do so if you want to say a personal hello we would love to hear from you.  

The best way to contact us is to send us a message on our LIFE IS LIKE SAILING Facebook Page, Instagram Page or Youtube Channel.