1982 C&C 34

s/v Moonshine is a Canadian built coastal cruiser/racer that is ideal for our waters here in the Pacific Northwest.

s/v Moonshine

welcome to life is like sailing!

My name is Alfy and I have a big passion for sailing.  Although I started this journey alone, s/v Moonshine acquired a first mate along the way.  Her name is Devlin and she is the most amazing adventure partner!

Whether you interested in living aboard, cruising, racing or seeing some of Canada's northern latitudes, by sharing our experiences we hope you might be inspired to go out and try something new.

The challenges, unpredictability, excitement and joy that both life and sailing offer is what 'LIFE IS LIKE SAILING' is all about.  A sailor will do anything to get that extra mile under the keel and have the best possible experience on the water and we think life should be approached in the same way!                                Alfy & Devlin

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